October 13, 2019

The Prismatic Studio

About a month ago, Lexi of A Blasted, Cratered Land and I collaborated on a project to make an art-wizard and corresponding dungeon. We talked back and forth, brainstorming for a week at most before Lexi told me she was almost done writing her wizard. I hadn't started the dungeon yet. Some feverish, sleepless nights later I had finished this, The Prismatic Studio, a painted world of corrupted art and surreal architecture plagued by posers and encroaching muses.

I'm pretty satisfied with the actual writing (although I think the power of null paint should be more clear to players, after some playtesting), but not so much with the layout and design (google docs fucking blows for layout, especially the columns). I'm slowly making a full art, better laid out zine-style version that I might put up for sale if the stars align, but for now, here's the free pdf for you to run some pretentious dadaist mercenaries through.

Pairs well with animal collective.



  1. I've played in this dungeon! I really hated/enjoyed figuring out the non-euclidean architecture and the cursed fountain water.

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